Monday, September 06, 2010


His full name is Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khawarizmi. He is an expert in mathematics, astronomy, astrology, and geography from Persian. Born in 780 at Khawarizm (now Khiva, Uzbekistan) and died around the year 850. Throughout his life he used to work almost as a lecturer at the School of Honor in Baghdad, which was founded by the Khalifah Bani Abbasiyah al-Ma'mun. Birth is the Zoroastrian religion, but the algebra book he shows that he is a Moslem. Can be concluded that he Zoroastrian religion when young and turn to Islam afterwards.

His first book, entitled al-Jabru wal Muqabalah is the first book that discussed the linear and quadratic notation. Because his book is he dubbed the Father of Algebra. Algebra comes from al-jabru, one of the two operations used to solve quadratic notation, which is listed in his book. While the algorithm derived from the word algorismi, which is also absorbed latinization of his name. His name in Spanish became guarismo, too absorbed in the Portuguese became algorismo which in English, digits. 

Al-Jabru wal Muqobalah is the first mathematical book written in 830. Al-jabru means completion, meaning the process of completing math notation in question. While al-muqobalah means balancing, which means the adjustment of mathematical notation becomes simpler. As the following examples.

                                     2x + 4 = 10

                                     2x + 4 = 6 + 4          AL-JABRU PROCESS

                                     2x + 4 = 6 + 4          AL-JABRU PROCESS

                                           2x = 6

                                      2x : 2 = 6 : 2            AL-MUQOBALAH PROCESS

                                             x = 3                 DONE

Other books that he created are still a lot like Dixit Algorizmi that has lost the Arabic version, Kitabu Surotil Ardhi (Appearance Book World) who spoke about the forerunner of the planetarium, Zijush Shindhid (Astronomical Tables), which consists of the symbols on astronomical calculations. However, due to limitations of science so I end in here.

Good work!

Mind Breaker

That given a circle which has diameter 5.5 cm. If RP is a diameter, O is the central of circle, AS = 1.1 cm, and OABC is a rectangle. So how long is AC? (Mahir Olympiade Matematika SMA, 2008)

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About Scientific Journal

What is a scientific journal? Here's an excerpt from

Scientific journals is one type of academic journals where authors publish scientific articles. To ensure the scientific quality of published articles, an ordinary article is investigated by his colleagues and revised by the author, this is known as peer review.

There are a variety of scholarly journals covering all fields of science, social sciences and humanities as well. Publishing in the form of scientific articles are usually more important to the field of natural science and medicine compared with other academic fields.

Prof. Adnan said: "Every morning professor issued a journal to be published in the form of articles. Did you export your journal this morning?" Suddenly I was shocked. Hah? Every morning? I conclude that the knowledge of every professor was a very broad. He also said, "Professor who has not issued a journal every morning that professors who are not qualified." Well, I was indecisive. Approximately there are no opportunities, can I be a professor a few tens of years?

Therefore, from now I tried to write every morning, even though what I know not as much as. "Get ready to become a professor" I thought. But when it is digested more deeply, there are fortunately writing like this every morning. Writing souls will grow from now and will certainly sharpen the brain to keep walking and walking, not just vacuum on the spot. The idea will seem very easy to dig. Supplement from him again, "Write whatever it is!"

Now after input from Prof. Adnan, I will try and try to write from now on every morning, although not very scientific. Insha Allah and Mercy permission of whom hopefully I given istiqomah in writing. Ameen.

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Looking Back of Persebaya Supporter : BONEK

Do you know bonek? What a pity you are if not understand of this one!

Bonek actually is a football supporters' club Persebaya Surabaya, who was so fanatical, they have the heart to do casual, damaging facilities, public infrastructure, which I think is absolutely DOESN'T have something to do with the teams they support. Instead they actually harm the parties who are not chimed in with their goals at all, such as PT. KAI (Kereta Api Indonesia) is willing to sacrifice money approximately Rp1 billion just to swallow the acts of immoral of bonekmania.

Bonek, I think their goal is to support their favorite team, Persebaya Surabaya, which was stood by Paijo and M. Pamoedji on June 18, 1927. Origins, Persebaya named Soerabhaiasche Indonesische Voetbal Bond (SIVB). At that time there was a club in Surabaya also called Sorabaiasche Voebal Bond (SVB), this club was stood in 1910 and its players are Dutch people in Surabaya.

As the people of Surabaya, not that I do not support my own hometown football. But if the fans and players as well as other actors are like this (see picture), I do not support a football town, in fact I think the Indonesian football is better omitted, or must be given to the law on the prohibition of football. Because it would harm job, when what they hope is their idol team win, but on the contrary that has and will happen: the stadium on fire, robbery at the station and the streets, throwing fights among people with Bonek, loss of train fan, breaking train glass caused with residents throwing fights, deaths caused brawl of Bonek lives, not to mention the trauma the people when meeting fans this green one. Disgrace Indonesia ONLY! Embarrassed about it! in front of the another country people. They will appear shadow Indonesian football is violent and not competitive. Not to mention the notion that Indonesia is a violent country (actually no), a result of the chaotic football.

Is this Indonesian football? Does this mirror the habits of life of the Indonesian nation full of morals and culture? Until when we are humiliated by people of other countries just because violent of football?

But behind all that, I'm sure there's a solution. We can only hope just hope this country becomes a peaceful football again. We can only pray for him, hopefully to Indonesian football is a big contribution to the country of Indonesia. I'm sure a few more years Indonesian footballer seeds will mature so that fans do not have to bother too fanatical. Greetings sports!