Sunday, September 05, 2010

About Scientific Journal

What is a scientific journal? Here's an excerpt from

Scientific journals is one type of academic journals where authors publish scientific articles. To ensure the scientific quality of published articles, an ordinary article is investigated by his colleagues and revised by the author, this is known as peer review.

There are a variety of scholarly journals covering all fields of science, social sciences and humanities as well. Publishing in the form of scientific articles are usually more important to the field of natural science and medicine compared with other academic fields.

Prof. Adnan said: "Every morning professor issued a journal to be published in the form of articles. Did you export your journal this morning?" Suddenly I was shocked. Hah? Every morning? I conclude that the knowledge of every professor was a very broad. He also said, "Professor who has not issued a journal every morning that professors who are not qualified." Well, I was indecisive. Approximately there are no opportunities, can I be a professor a few tens of years?

Therefore, from now I tried to write every morning, even though what I know not as much as. "Get ready to become a professor" I thought. But when it is digested more deeply, there are fortunately writing like this every morning. Writing souls will grow from now and will certainly sharpen the brain to keep walking and walking, not just vacuum on the spot. The idea will seem very easy to dig. Supplement from him again, "Write whatever it is!"

Now after input from Prof. Adnan, I will try and try to write from now on every morning, although not very scientific. Insha Allah and Mercy permission of whom hopefully I given istiqomah in writing. Ameen.

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