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His full name is Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khawarizmi. He is an expert in mathematics, astronomy, astrology, and geography from Persian. Born in 780 at Khawarizm (now Khiva, Uzbekistan) and died around the year 850. Throughout his life he used to work almost as a lecturer at the School of Honor in Baghdad, which was founded by the Khalifah Bani Abbasiyah al-Ma'mun. Birth is the Zoroastrian religion, but the algebra book he shows that he is a Moslem. Can be concluded that he Zoroastrian religion when young and turn to Islam afterwards.

His first book, entitled al-Jabru wal Muqabalah is the first book that discussed the linear and quadratic notation. Because his book is he dubbed the Father of Algebra. Algebra comes from al-jabru, one of the two operations used to solve quadratic notation, which is listed in his book. While the algorithm derived from the word algorismi, which is also absorbed latinization of his name. His name in Spanish became guarismo, too absorbed in the Portuguese became algorismo which in English, digits. 

Al-Jabru wal Muqobalah is the first mathematical book written in 830. Al-jabru means completion, meaning the process of completing math notation in question. While al-muqobalah means balancing, which means the adjustment of mathematical notation becomes simpler. As the following examples.

                                     2x + 4 = 10

                                     2x + 4 = 6 + 4          AL-JABRU PROCESS

                                     2x + 4 = 6 + 4          AL-JABRU PROCESS

                                           2x = 6

                                      2x : 2 = 6 : 2            AL-MUQOBALAH PROCESS

                                             x = 3                 DONE

Other books that he created are still a lot like Dixit Algorizmi that has lost the Arabic version, Kitabu Surotil Ardhi (Appearance Book World) who spoke about the forerunner of the planetarium, Zijush Shindhid (Astronomical Tables), which consists of the symbols on astronomical calculations. However, due to limitations of science so I end in here.

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