Friday, November 12, 2010

A Letter from Mount Merapi


I live in the Solo, the city where located about 40 kms to the east from the crater of Mount Merapi. I stayed more specifically in Assalaam Islamic Boarding School.

No something wanted I write, no something wanted I say. I just wanted to tell the atmosphere and conditions at locations around here. Every morning and every night we saw a lumpy cloud in the sky of west. Fortunately, no lava reach until this area. The streets of Solo city crowded as usual, but unlike Jogja city (20 km radius of Merapi), which until now paralyzed because the eruption of Merapi. The shops of Jogja were quiet, schools and universities were closed, tourist attractions and souvenirs were stopped. Sometimes I heard the news Merapi erupts, then I also feel the impact. Solo city streets affected by volcanic ash and looked white.

Often we hear the safe Merapi safe area widened from the radius of 10 to 15 kms, from 15 to 20 kms, but thank Allah we do not get the news up to 40 kms. Hopefully Allah saved us by His power.

Maybe just like this. Probably no something I'll write again.


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  1. Is Merapi still danger, now?
    'cause yesterday [maybe] I read in newspaper that it angried again, ya?
    and how about our friends or our teachers whose homes there?