Sunday, July 30, 2017

Tokyo DisneySea

So I got the chance to visit DisneySea! DisneaySea Tokyo is the one only DisneySea in the world. Meanwhile, DisneyLand have several "branches" at Florida, Tokyo, Hong Kong, etc. When I had this rare chance, I chose DisneySea of course because of this specialty.

I went to DisneySea with the daughter of my CEO, Mika and her friend. What the funny thing is: we went to DisneySea together but they didn't speak English at all meanwhile I didn't understand any Japanese! >< So communication was barely hard because of language barrier. We used LINE translator-bot for speaking to each other. When I typed English, the bot automatically translating to Japanese, and vice versa.

We arrived in DisneySea at 7.30am even when it hadn't opened yet. Many people queued for the opening of DisneySea. It opened at 8.00am, and also it was holiday period too for elementary and high-schooler so we expected it would be crowded!

We rode nearly all roller coaster (there are five!), and free fall attraction, and some other easy ride like merry-go-round. We got fast-pass ticket so we didn't have to take a line. Overall it was fun!

I don't want to write a lot so here are the photos.


DisneySea was really crowded. Look at the people. 

View from internal DisneySea monorail

Free-fall attraction

We ate lunch after it was all over.

I finished at 1.30pm, then they continue the DisneySea games. I went home because I need to transfer my dormitory to another place. Unfortunately one of my luggage was broken (the blue one) so I have to carry it on hand instead of rolling it using wheel :(

After tired of moving the stuffs, I ate dinner for the first time at Matsuya LOL

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